The competition in the food industry is always high. You can look at the local supermarket and find the number of products available. To stand out in the crowd, custom packaging of foods plays a crucial role, and it can significantly impact the business. 

Nowadays, it is simple to design food packaging that can appeal to your customers. Putting a proper design in food packaging will give you a special place in the customer’s mind. It will evoke feelings and build a culture around your products. This will all result in increased sales. Continue reading to learn more about custom food packaging:

What is considered properly packed?

It is important to understand how packaged food products can ensure success for your company. Food packaging has several goals, including:

  • Keeping your products fresh
  • Protecting your food products
  • Informing customers about what is on the packaging
  • To develop a brand identity

Every good quality packaging will have certain elements according to the product’s specific needs. 

How to define your brand?

It is crucial to settle on your brand before deciding on custom food packaging, including what materials to use or where to get them. Not every one will work with your brand despite the wide variety of food packaging styles.

Consider a company that places a high priority on ethical sourcing and protecting the environment. It could give your brand a hypocritical appearance.

To present your products and increase brand awareness, food packaging is crucial. You can start looking for packaging materials that will suit your demands once you have a firm grasp of your brand. 

Different elements of package design 

Material for packaging

You must first choose your packaging material while keeping all the regulations in mind. The good news is that most commonly used packaging materials, such as cardboard, plastic, metal, and glass, are safe to use with food products.

Packaging security

As protecting and securing the product is the primary purpose of packaging, you should next think about the security of your chosen packaging materials. Packaging security is crucial when it comes to food because the packaging for food must protect against contamination, leakage, rotting, etc.

The shape of the packaging 

There is no shortage of available shapes for food packaging, but some of the more popular ones are spheres, cubes, cylinders, and rectangles. Choosing a distinctive shape will make your product stand out on and off the shelf.

Package printing

Your printing options will also depend on the type of packing material you select. For instance, ham bags typically allow you to print directly on the bag itself.

Packaging colour

You should consider colour in addition to printing while making printing decisions. The colour of your food packaging says a lot of information about your brand. Certain colours can evoke specific emotions, and this concept is known as colour psychology. 

Packaging information

Last but the most important factor is that you should include all the required and relevant information about the ingredients in food packaging. You must add net quality, a common name, ingredients, manufacturer information, allergen information and nutrition facts on the packaging.

Choosing the right packaging material

Success in product packaging design begins with choosing the appropriate material. The most popular materials for food packaging boxes are cardboard, corrugated boxes, boxboard, paperboard cartons, plastic, paper bags, and styrofoam. 

Each material has its own merits and demerits. For instance, styrofoam is excellent at keeping hot and cold foods at the proper temperature. However, it is harmful to the environment and not biodegradable.

When built properly, plastic is durable and prevents leaks. Many polymers, however, are not biodegradable. Additionally, some plastics might release hazardous substances into your meals.

Cardboard is easily printable and degradable. However, moist foods can transform them into mush. There is also a growing variety of sustainable and biodegradable ham bags you can choose from.

custom packaging

Things to consider when designing the custom food packaging boxes

Popular characters can be added

Consumers strongly prefer popular personalities, particularly cartoon and animated characters. Printing them on candy boxes and macaroons may attract more customers, especially kids. The candy packaging boxes featuring well-known cartoon or fictional characters will appeal to kids and movie buffs.

Developing custom themes

Food manufacturers can make custom packaging boxes with their own designs for the holidays. To do this, companies might put seasonal wishes and blessings on packaging boxes and coordinate the theme patterns with particular holidays and events. 

Add improvements to the consumer experience.

To improve the packaging box’s visual appeal, the latest technology can be used. Additionally, enhancing the functionality of the packaging box can offer customers a distinctive experience. 

For instance, a visual window for sweets will draw clients immediately and encourage them to purchase.

Deciding on food-safe materials

In addition to maximising product safety, using the correct material for custom packaging boxes should also ensure that it is safe for people to consume. Paper packing boxes have replaced plastic ones as the material of choice for many desserts, chocolates etc.

Stress the advantages of the product

Mentioning some of the product’s health benefits on the package is one of the best strategies to draw customers’ attention to the food products.

Today’s consumers are quite aware of the ingredients used in the foods they are being offered. Therefore they are more likely to choose goods that swiftly and concisely describe their contents.

The wording on the container can be eye-catching in many ways, particularly with today’s health-conscious, nutrition-savvy consumers. Highlighting that contains certain vitamins and does not contain any harmful ingredients can help the business.  

Final thoughts

The packaging design’s ultimate goal is to win consumers over to your goods and turn them into devoted brand supporters. Check out some incredible online products if you have determined that cardboard is the best material for your food packing. If you have any doubts about food packaging and design, feel free to get guidance from an established business.